Garage Sale Finds

As the number of Saturdays left before the start of school dwindle, I figured today would be a good day to go to a few garage sales to look for things for the classroom.

After a few sales produced no good finds, my sister and I happened to pass by a garage sale that appeared to have kid things.  I started looking around and I noticed a hot wheels car holder suitcase and opened it up.  It was almost completely full of hot wheels cars.  They weren’t all in the best condition but I didn’t mind.

In another box at the garage sale, there were little baggies of 3 or 4 cars.  I found all the cars I could and ended up paying $25 for around 60 cars or so (I haven’t counted yet).

These hot wheels will be a great play centre and will also be useful for our transportation unit.  I have a feeling the boys (and some girls too) will have a lot of fun playing with all these cars!


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