Kindergarten Rocks!

Friday was the last day I had my “Goup A” students.  I am really looking forward to getting things started with my real class on Monday!

To help the students understand what would be happening on Monday, we brought both groups together to read a story and have a little discussion about why we couldn’t all be in the same class together.  Their responses were very cute, most of them referring to overcrowding issues.  I also explained to my group that I had a great time getting to know all of them and that even if they weren’t in my class they could come by anytime to say “Bonjour!”.

We read the story Kindergaten Rocks! by Katie Davis together.  Here is a picture of the cover:

The story is about a boy named Dexter who is going to Kindergarten for the first time.  He has a big sister who tells him about it.  They go to school and we see all the different things Dexter does at school.  Dexter brings a stuffed dog to school named Rufus but then loses him!

Rufus is eventually found but only after an exhaustive search all over the school.  After finding Rufus sitting on the big blocks, Dexter says from now on Rufus is staying home from school.

As you may have read in the Welcome newsletter, I have a “no toys from home” policy.  You may want to reference this story if bringing toys to school comes up with your child.  Toys get lost quite often at school so they’re better left at home.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

Mme Robinson


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