Rain Rain Go Away!

Well, we all made it through our first full day together despite a bit of rain!  Here are some of the things we did today:

  • We read our class book together
  • We visited Mme Tardif’s  class to listen to a story by Robert Munch called We Share Everything
  • We did our first of many graphing activities (did you know there are 9 girls and 9 boys in our class (including Mme Robinson))
  • We used stickers to represent numbers
  • We read a story I borrowed from the Richmond Public Library that is in both English and French called Léo le chat goes to school

  • The students had gym with Mr. Unger
Our gym days are on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please make sure students wear appropriate footwear for running around.  Also, our regular library day will be Wednesdays.  Once we start taking out books please help your child remember to bring back their library books every Wednesday.
Both the students and myself have learned lots of things over the past few weeks.  Firstly, I am learning that everything takes a little bit longer in Kindergarten.  I need to give students adequate time to eat their snacks, clean up, pack their things, etc. My apologies if we aren’t quite “out the door” at 2:45 p.m.  I’m working on it!
Regarding snacks, I’m noticing that quite a few students are taking a really long time to eat their snacks.  It’s not a big issue right now because we can be more flexible with time; however, once students integrate with the rest of the school for regular recess they will not have as long to eat.  Or, they will spend their entire recess eating and have no time to play.  Hopefully over the next several weeks we will learn to eat a bit quicker in preparation for regular recess with the school.
Tomorrow is Friday and our first week as a class is almost over!  Tomorrow is also going to be our first assembly.  That should prove to be very interesting!
Mme Robinson

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