September 20th

Today was a full day in the classroom!  In the morning we learned a new song for the days of the week.  A lot of students were familiar with the English version of the song and once I remembered the tune (it took a few minutes and a few laughs) we were on our way.  I’ll add the song under the “French Songs” menu soon.

After playtime, snack, and recess, we worked again on our sound of the week.  We played detective and figured out what words I had chosen that had the sound ‘s’.  After a few hints, all the words were guessed correctly.  Here was our list:

Then, we worked on printing the letter ‘s’.  After we finished we drew a bit on whiteboards then got ready to eat lunch.

After our quiet book time and learning a new yoga pose (cobra for ‘serpent’ (snake)), we started working a bit with the five-frame.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with five-frames I will do a separate post about them.  Please check out pictures from today under “Classroom Pictures” to see what they look like.

Thursday we will be making spaghetti with tomato sauce just before lunch.  I will offer each child a small portion.  This is not meant to replace their lunch so please send a lunch that day.  I will not force anybody to eat it but I do teach students to decline politely by saying “non merci” (no thank-you).

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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