S is for Spaghetti!

What a rainy start to the day!  Unfortunately the rain kept us from going outside for recess today but luckily the rain stopped in time for lunch.  I saw lots of neat looking boots today!

Today was our last official day studying the letter ‘s’.  We talked about different foods that had the sound ‘s’ and finally someone came up with spaghetti!  We talked a bit about how to make spaghetti and then I told the students we were going to “make” spaghetti together in class.  I had pre-made the noodles to make things a little bit easier for myself.  A little over half the class tried some and the rest declined politely.  Some students even came back and asked for seconds!

While the spaghetti was heating up, the students worked on an ‘s’ art project.  They covered an S picture with things that had the sound ‘s’.  We had stamps, stickers and a foam S to decorate with.  Then students cut and glued their S on construction paper.  I must say everyone worked quite well on the task!

We also worked on an ‘s’ chant today.  It looks like this:

Here’s an audio recording of us chanting together:

S chant

Next week’s sound is ‘a’ (pronounced “ahh” like you’re screaming).

Have a great weekend!

Mme Robinson

P.S. Please return any medical verification forms as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.  Thanks!


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