Rainy Monday

It’s the start of another week!  Today we began our day practicing a few of our calendar songs.  We haven’t actually started “le calendrier” but we’re aiming to start for October for sure.  I showed the class our blog and also showed them how they can practice the songs at home.  After play time and snack they were off to the gym with Mr. Ferguson.  This time we remembered our water bottles!

After gym I introduced the sound for this week.  We are learning about the letter ‘Aa’ and the sound it makes “ahh”.

We looked at all the names of the students in the class and found lots of names with the letter ‘a’ but we had to really listen to the name to hear if they had the right sound.  There were definitely some tricky ones.

We talked at length about upper and lower case letters.  In French upper case letters are called “les majuscules” (I say it like I’m a big giant in a deep voice) and lowercase letters are called “les minuscules” (I say it like I’m a tiny little mouse).  We talked about why the first letter of our name always starts with a “majuscule” and the rest are “minuscule”.  Tomorrow we will practice printing some upper and lower case As.

After a rather wet lunch, we had our daily reading and/or resting time.  Then we talked about families.  I showed the students a powerpoint I had made with lots of pictures of families.  They quickly discovered the common theme running through the pictures.  I then asked them to draw me their own family.  I hope you look at the pictures of their work in the previous post.  I made it a password protected post because it contains student work but you can view it by entering the same password you use to view the classroom pictures.

If you haven’t already done so, please try to send me a picture of your family so I can include it in a class book we’ll be making.

Just a reminder, our library day is coming soon (Wednesday), it’s a good idea to start returning library books to school.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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