Fill the Chutes

This activity can be used to develop counting skills.  We played this game today by ourselves.  It can also be played with a partner.

What you need…

– a fill the chutes playing board

– a collection of counters (you can use any small object like pennies, buttons etc.)

– a 6-sided die

How to play…

Take turns rolling the die and fill the chutes with the same number of counters as indicated on the die.  Whoever fills a chute first ‘wins’.  A slight variation is to require that the chutes be filled exactly.  For example, a roll of 6 cannot be used to fill a chute with 2 spaces.

This game is from John A. Van de Walle’s Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics – Grades K-3 page 39


One response to “Fill the Chutes

  1. Love this! Adin loves numbers. Thanks

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