Terry Fox Run

We can definitely feel fall in the air!  It was a windy and chilly day out there.

Each morning for the past little while we’ve been practicing some of our ‘calendar’ songs.  We will officially begin our daily ‘calendrier’ Monday!  It’s hard to believe it will be October tomorrow and a month of school is already over.

During playtimes, I’m noticing that the listening center is quite popular.  The new favourite song is “C’est l’halloween” by Matt Maxwell.  We haven’t even learned it yet but the students broke out in song during clean up singing “C’est l’halloween, c’est l’halloween hey!”  I’ll add this one to the French Songs page so they can hear it at home.

After recess, we learned a new songs about leaves flying and falling to the ground because it’s fall.  We’re going to be talking more and more about autumn and leaves in the coming weeks.

After learning the song, we did a very quick and easy five-frame activity.  Students had to use bingo dabbers to represent numbers to five.  Before lunch, we had a visit from our school counsellor who read the students a story about Kindergarten.

While students ate lunch I gave them a cooking demonstration.  I showed them how to cut a pineapple (ananas).  Students enjoyed a sample of pineapple and then after I gave out banana samples to those who were interested.  I will try to incorporate a food tasting each week to go with our sound of the week.

After lunch, we headed to the gym for the Terry Fox assembly.  We watched a really touching video clip about Terry.  We were lead in a short ‘warm-up’ by grade 6 and 7 students.  It was quite funny, most of the Kindergarteners were too busy watching the warm-up leaders than actually doing the stretches.  After that we headed outside in the wind and did our ‘run’ together.  We all made it in one piece.  After the run, I showed the students the class book I printed with the pictures of their families.  I think they liked seeing everyone else’s families.  We had a short discussion about how our families are all different but the one thing our families have in common is that all the members in the family love each other.  We eventually agreed upon this because they noticed that in a lot of the pictures the family members were holding hands, holding each other, or hugging each other.

Today was a spectacular day because I heard the first full sentence in French uttered from one of the students.  It was music to my ears!!

“Je vois Mr. Unger!” (I see Mr. Unger!)

I’m also hearing “J’ai fini” (I’m finished) and “va jouer” (go play).

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday.

Mme Robinson


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