Daily Archives: October 2, 2011

Dot Plate Flash

This is an activity to continue to develop number pattern recognition.

What you need…

– a set of dot plate cards (a different set of dot plate cards to try)

How to play…

Hold up a dot plate card for 1-3 seconds.  Ask your child “How many dots did you see? How did you see them?”.  Start off with the easier patterns and slowly work up to the harder patterns.  Do the easy patterns frequently to build your child’s confidence.

Another way to use the dot plate cards is to hold up a card for a few seconds and then have your child reproduce the pattern using small counters or pennies.  Talk explicitly about how they see the dots and the patterns they recognize.  Ask questions like “how did you know how many dots there were so quickly?” or  “You didn’t have to count them one at a time.  How did you do that?”

This game is from John A. Van de Walle’s Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics – Grades K-3 page 44

Another great way to practice pattern recognition is to have your child watch the following YouTube video featuring the dot plate cards.

Start out with this video.  It has dot plate cards with values up to 5.  They only appear for a few moments so try to say the number before it disappears.

When your child has mastered numbers from 1-5, start learning the dot plate patterns for numbers 1-10!  Practice with this YouTube video: