Epic Clean Up!

Today we learned an important lesson:

If you make the mess, you have to clean it up!!!

Our day started off with a little bit of printing practice.  I must say I was very impressed with everybody’s ‘t’s.  Then, it was play time… Everyone was having a great time especially on the carpet area where a large imaginary foam block ‘fire’ was being stoked by having more and more ‘things’ thrown on it. By the time it was clean up, several of the tote bin trays with small manipulatives (like unifix cubes, plastic shapes, straws and connectors, and other things) had been ‘dumped’ on the fire as fuel.  This was the beginning of our ‘epic’ clean up (which took WAY too long).  We had to sort through all the mixed up things on the carpet and put them in the right tote bin trays.  It was very interesting to see different clean up strategies.  Anyways, after about 25 minutes (!!!) of cleaning up we finally finished and gathered at the carpet to talk about what we could learn from what had just happened.  We talked about how we should be playing with one thing at a time and how we should not dump and mix different things together.  I hope we never have to do a clean up like that again!  The extra long clean up resulted in a later snack and play time outside.

After playing at the park in the cool wind, we came back inside to do our daily calendar.  We then read a short reader about a family.  After practicing it a few times, students had a few minutes to colour some of the illustrations.

After lunch and our book time, I read the students a great book called Les feuilles d’automne.  It talks about how leaves come in all different shapes, colours and sizes.  Next, we talked again about patterns and then students worked on inventing their own pattern by glueing squares of coloured construction paper to make a pattern.  At the end of the day, we started learning the song by Matt Maxwell “C’est l’halloween”.

Tomorrow is our usual library day; however, Mme Marin is currently in Ottawa accepting the Prime Ministerʼs Award for Teaching Excellence, so library will be postponed until next Wednesday.  You can follow her Ottawa adventure on her blog: http://mmemarinottawa.blogspot.com/.

Congratulations Mme Marin!


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