Leaves and Patterns

With library postponed today, we pretty much stuck to our regular routine today.  First thing this morning we played a really fun game with our names.  I covered all but the first letter of students’ names.  We had lots of fun guessing whose name it could be.

After we played outside, we each gathered some leaves and came back inside to do some leaf rubbings with crayons.  It was a little bit tricky for some students but I worked my way around the room assisting those who needed a bit of help.  We did our calendar routine just before lunch.  In the afternoon we talked again about patterns and we had 4 different patterning stations that we rotated through.  There was a sticker patterning station, a stamping station, a glueing coloured squares station and a beading station.  The students are beginning to show good understanding of patterns!

Tomorrow the students will be meeting their big buddies for the year.  We are making our turkey headbands in preparation for the Turkey Trot this Friday!

Just a reminder…  Individual photos are Friday morning (Oct 7).


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