Picture Day Tomorrow!

Hello Families of Division 15,

Today was a pretty exciting day.  We celebrated a birthday in the class, it was popcorn day at recess and we met our big buddies!

Before lunch today we met our big buddies and we made our Turkey Trot headbands with them.  Our buddies are in grade 5 and 6.  They’re teacher is Mme Mathis.  It is going to be a lot of fun getting to know them over the course of the year.

Tomorrow we will run with them during the Turkey Trot.  I can’t wait to get some ‘action shots’ of the students running while wearing their cool headbands.  Please try to send a donation of non-perishable food or cash to school tomorrow.

Tomorrow is picture day!  I forgot to give out the reminder stickers :(.  I even put them on my little blue chair to remind myself but after getting back to class a little late from gym, I totally forgot about them!  Oh well, here is the sticker anyway.

This afternoon we talked a bit about Thanksgiving (L’action de grâce).  We brainstormed some things we were thankful for and then students did a little activity sheet saying what they were thankful for.  Apparently we have quite a few candy lovers in the class!

See you tomorrow!


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