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Ma famille

Today students brought home a little reading booklet called Ma Famille.  Try practicing it together with your child or have them read along with me!

Click on the link below to hear me read the book.

Ma famille


Gobble Gobble!

We had a busy day today.  Here are some highlights from our day:

  • We attempted our first “journal” entry.  Students chose a word from our list of words with the sound ‘t’ and they wrote the word in their phonics book and drew a picture.
  • We had our pictures taken in the library.
  • We had our play time and Mme Nipp (a resource teacher at Dixon) came in to meet the students and play with us a little bit.
  • We started learning a new little reader about coloured pencils (Les crayons).

  • We ran (and walked) in the Turkey Trot with our big buddies.

  • We tasted ‘des tomates’ at lunch time as part of our sound of the week.

  • We copied patterned dots from the dot plate cards using counters.

  • We talked about the number ‘un’ (one) and did a worksheet activity

  • A student lost their very first tooth!

It was a great day!

Thanks again to those who donated money and food items for the food bank!

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!  See you Tuesday!

Mme Robinson

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