Gobble Gobble!

We had a busy day today.  Here are some highlights from our day:

  • We attempted our first “journal” entry.  Students chose a word from our list of words with the sound ‘t’ and they wrote the word in their phonics book and drew a picture.
  • We had our pictures taken in the library.
  • We had our play time and Mme Nipp (a resource teacher at Dixon) came in to meet the students and play with us a little bit.
  • We started learning a new little reader about coloured pencils (Les crayons).

  • We ran (and walked) in the Turkey Trot with our big buddies.

  • We tasted ‘des tomates’ at lunch time as part of our sound of the week.

  • We copied patterned dots from the dot plate cards using counters.

  • We talked about the number ‘un’ (one) and did a worksheet activity

  • A student lost their very first tooth!

It was a great day!

Thanks again to those who donated money and food items for the food bank!

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!  See you Tuesday!

Mme Robinson


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