Getting Back Into Routine

I always find Mondays a little bit harder on me and the students.  Tuesdays after a long weekend are even more difficult.

Anyways, we still had a busy day.  Here’s some of the activities we did today:

  • We began talking about the letter ‘m’ and the sound it makes.  Did you know there are two people in our class that have ‘m’s in their names?
  • We did our ‘m’ page in our phonics workbooks.
  • We had playtime.
  • We did our daily calendar routine.  We’ve been graphing October weather and it’s been a really windy month!
  • We read a book called C’est l’automne and drew a picture about fall.
  • We did a math activity (in partners) using dot cards.
  • Division 16 came over at the end of the day to sing a few songs with us and listen to a few short stories.

Tomorrow is Pizza Day!  

Mme Robinson


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