Happy Birthday to You!


Lots of neat things were going on today in class! Here’s the breakdown…

  • We celebrated the birthday of one of our classmates.
  • We practiced printing some ‘m’s.
  • We went to Library where Mme Marin read “deux livres” (two books) and students took out “deux livres”.
  • We started learning a new song about pumpkins.

  • We played outside.  It was raining a bit but the sun was shining.  We thought we’d see a rainbow but did not find one.
  • We had snack.
  • We did calendar (today the special helper picked sunny as our weather.
  • All the kindergarten students had their screening today (vision, hearing, and dental).  Results were sent home today.
  • We enjoyed playtime (during playtime I do my best to practice all the sounds we’ve learned so far with each student individually.  Today I used this little booklet I made in a couple of minutes.  You may want to make one at home and add sounds as we learn them.  The pages go like this: s, a, t, m, sa, ta, ma, and for more fluent readers I added a few challenge words, table, maman, papa.)

  • We had a very successful first Pizza Day!  Thanks to all the parent volunteers who made it possible!
  • We talked about the number “deux” (2) and brainstormed different ways to represent the number.

    • Students did their own representations of the number 2.
    • We sang some songs and read a book called Les pommes with Division 16.


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