What a great way to end our week-long study of the sound ‘m’.  Everyone was saying ‘mmmmm’ after tasting the delicious apple crisp made by two wonderful moms today (and a third behind the scenes).  Thank You!!

The major highlight of today was enjoying a sweet afternoon treat, but we did do some other things today too!

  • I read the students two books (both relating to apples).  The first Une pomme pour deux is one of my favourite books.  It’s a very cute story about two worms who both decide to live in the same apple.  They each start on their own side of the apple only to one day meet each other in the middle.  An argument ensues and as a result the apple falls off the tree.  It crashes into a rock and breaks into many pieces.  In the end, both worms see a beautiful pear hanging from a pear tree and decide to live there together.

  • The second book is called Cueillons une tarte aux pommes and tells the story of an apple tree as it goes through the different seasons.  Love this book too!

  •  The students did an apple tree math activity where they chose how many apples to put in the apple tree.  I was really impressed with the cutting skills of the students!  Here’s what mine looked like; I chose ‘six pommes’.

  • This morning I read the students a short reader I made about apples.  I read this reader with all the students during playtime and I was so impressed with everyone!  I will send this reader home next week and I’ll post the audio as well so you can keep practicing at home.  Here’s what the reader looked like.

Enjoy the sunny weekend!  See you Monday. 


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