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The Daily Rundown

I didn’t have a great title for today’s post of our daily activities.  Oh well, here’s an overview of our days activities…

  • We sang “Bonne Fête” to another Division 15 student who celebrated a birthday over the weekend.
  • We started learning about the sound ‘i’ (pronounced ‘eee’ as in bee).

  • We coloured the ‘i’ page in our phonics workbooks.
  • We played inside, then outside.
  • We ate our recess snacks (as always).  I always eat the same recess snack, see if you can find out what it is!
  • We went to gym with Mr. Ferguson.
  • We did calendar with our special helper leading almost all of it!
  • I introduced the students to our new electric sharpener.  We went over the rules for proper use.

  • We read our booklet Les pommes.  Students did some partner reading and then coloured it for a few minutes.
  • We ate lunch.
  • We had our usual cloud time (reading and relaxing).
  • We did some more complex patterning.

  • We heard a story, and sang some songs with Mme Tardif’s class.

That was our day in a nutshell!

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Les pommes booklet

Practice reading this one at home.

Les pommes

Here we are reading this booklet as a class.

Les pommes as a class