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Sparky Saves the Galaxy!

Today was a great day!  We started a series of lessons on social responsibility and I think the first of them went over great with the students.  Here’s some of the things we did today:

  • We practiced printing the letter ‘i’.
  • We learned the new “chant” for the sound ‘i’.
  • We had playtime (we gave the foam blocks a rest today and playtime went much smoother than yesterday, less noisy too).
  • We ate snack and had our play time outside.
  • We did calendar together.
  • We started talking about “Social Responsibility”, a very difficult thing to explain.  We talked about how our actions affect others.  Their actions either help or hurt others.  I read the students the story of Sparky, a star who lives on the planet of Social Responsibility.  Another star name Stinger says mean things to other stars and those stars cry so much they lose their fire and don’t shine anymore.  Sparky says nice things to the stars and they begin to shine again.  In the end he saves the planet and even Stinger chooses kindness over being mean.
  • I made this poster last night with the different elements of social responsibility (solving problems, accepting others, being nice and helping others, and being responsible).  During the day I wrote the names of students (and what they did) who were demonstrating any of the 4 areas of social responsibility.  I read these to the students and continued adding some throughout the day.
  • After school I cut out a big star and everyday I will transfer the post-it notes to the white star.  When the star is covered with our “sparkles”, we will have a special reward.

  •  Students each thought of a way they could be like Sparky.  There were some great ideas!
  • We ate lunch followed by book/quiet time.
  • We did another patterning activity, this time filling in missing parts of the pattern by cutting out the right shapes.
  • We did a bit of planning for the open house.  We decided which songs we are going to be performing for you.
  • We sang with Mme Tardif’s class.
See you tomorrow!
Mme Robinson

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