Sparkles Galore!

Today was a day filled with “sparkles”!  I could barely keep up writing them all down!  We are quickly filling up our big star and we will soon reap the reward… an extra recess (in the afternoon)!  I am so impressed with the nice, kind, responsible things I’m seeing in the classroom.  Here’s a look at our star:


And today…

I’m almost running out of the small post-it notes!  I’ve got some on order with Mr. Ferguson.  I hope they arrive soon!

At the end of the day today, I told students that all their “sparkles” were making our class shine so bright.  They then proceeded to tell me it was actually the lights in our class that made our class bright.  Too funny :)!

I was out of the class this morning because I was having missed prep times made up from last week.  There was a teacher on call with the students until recess.  Together they practiced songs for the open house, went to the library, played a five-frame math game, played outside and then returned to the class for snack time.

After snack, we did calendar, then we had our playtime.  Pretty soon it was time for lunch.

After our usual cloud time, I read the students a big book called Chat noir, chat noir.  It introduces some Halloween vocabulary as well as the sight words ‘je vois’.  We finished our day with a patterning activity followed by listening to me read out all of the sparkles from the day.

Next week only, our library day has been switched to Monday October 24th at 9:30 a.m. Please make sure to bring back those library books!  If your child ever wants more time with a particular library book we can definitely ask Mme Marin to renew the book for another week.

Are you noticing any “sparkles” at home?

Mme Robinson


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