Green Means Go!

It seems like the days are just flying by!  Here’s we spent our day today:

  • Every morning students come to the classroom and have to choose to do something at one of the round tables.  Students are really doing a great job in the morning picking a table to work/play at.  Keep it up!
  • This morning we brainstormed a list of words that have the sound ‘i’ in them.  Students wrote an ‘i’ word in their phonics workbooks (some even tried a sentence) and drew a pictures.
  • We had playtime inside, snack, and then outside play time.
  • We did our daily calendar with the special helper leading most of it!
  • I read a story about a boy named Julien who plants a pumpkin seed and watches it grow over time.
  • We did an activity page where students glued pumpkins onto a vine and cut out the words ‘Voici des citrouilles.’ to glue in the right order.
  • We ate lunch.
  • We had our usual book/relaxing time.
  • We talked about the traffic light and how it can be used to talk about our behaviours.  You can probably infer that red behaviours are not appropriate and need to be stopped.  They would include things like grabbing, pushing, shoving, kicking, hitting, saying mean things to someone etc.  Yellow behaviour would be if someone is not really thinking about others or how their actions affects others but isn’t at the point of red behaviour.  Yellow behaviour is a caution.  I like to explain to students that if you are showing yellow behaviour you need to choose to go back to green or even blue behaviour rather than going to red.  Green behaviour is great!  It’s the behaviours I’ve been writing on the yellow post-it notes as ‘sparkles’.  Green means keep it up, and keep doing what you are doing.  Blue is the next step up.  It’s the WOW behaviour.  It’s going above and beyond green.
  • I will be using this terminology with the students all year.  We will be striving for green and blue behaviour consistently at school.  When I see yellow behaviour I will be encouraging students to quickly return to green behaviour.  When I see red behaviour, I will be telling students to stop the behaviour.
  • Just as we were colouring our traffic lights, it was time for our first earthquake drill.  I was very impressed with the students’ efforts!  Everyone remained very calm even with the noisy earthquake rumbles on the loudspeaker.
  • Students ended the day with gym!

Tomorrow is a Pro-D day so students do not attend.

See you Monday!

Mme Robinson


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