Our First Field Trip…

I’ll begin this post going back to Wednesday and our trip to Farmer Bob’s pumpkin patch.

We had to delay our departure from the school slightly because there were going to be two very large trucks doing a pumpkin pick-up right when we were booked to go.  Anyways after stalling with a story, we were finally on our way.  The staff was very organized and the big buddies found their little buddies and made a long line.  Half the group went in one barn and I stayed with the second group who were in a different barn.  We got to see and learn some pretty neat things.  We saw some decorative corn, funny looking gourds, a Siamese pumpkin, and a pumpkin vine!

After listening for a while, we headed out into the field where there were lots of great looking pumpkins.  There were also some really gross ones too.  After picking pumpkins we hosed off our muddy boots and headed back to school.  Despite the rain and cold weather, it was a fun and educational trip.  I hope you are enjoying your pumpkins at home!

You wouldn’t know it from this picture but did you know I really don’t like cold weather?  I’m writing this post right now while I’m wrapped in my snuggie (the blanket with arms)!

Today, we did a lot of practicing for the open house.  We’re getting there, but we will practice again tomorrow (I hope I still have a voice left).  We also made a few decorations for the party.  I hope you are able to come Monday to see us sing.  We are all looking forward to it!

Don’t forget… Bake Sale tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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