Five Frame Math Games

This is a great website to practice five frames.

Click here to get to the site!

Have fun!


2 responses to “Five Frame Math Games

  1. I love your website. Another teachertold me about it and I think it is a great tool. I’ve been teaching kindergarten French Immersion the past 17 years in a little village in Louisiana and I always search new ressources and new ideas (I never liked teaching the same things over and over ;-))) that’s why I was excited when I was introduced to your blog. There are great ressources on a website created by a French kindergarten teacher that you might want to look up. I’ve been using a lot of his material. The site is called “La Maternelle de Moustache”. I use a lot of his material for my students and they love it. Another great ressource for kindergarten and 1st grade is the CD “Les dessins de Marianne”. A bought it in Belgium last summer and I use it all the time. You can look it up on the website I hope you will enjoy these links as much as I did when other people gave them to me. Have a fantastic year!
    Marianne Knuts
    Pierre Part Primary School

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