Drops in the Bucket!

Another Tuesday has come and gone.  Here’s what we did today:

  • We began our day reviewing our sound of the week.  We played a few rounds of the game we played last week (I hand out papers and then we have to figure out the right order.)  Well today I used student names to play this game.  Each piece of paper had a letter of a particular student’s name.  I thought this would be more difficult for them but they caught on really quickly.  Then I gave out the letters to two names (a girl name in pink and a boy name is blue) and this proved to be quite tricky for them.   It is very interesting to see which students emerge as leaders and try to help out others.  Some students just stand in a spot and let others work around them.
  • We practiced printing the letter ‘e’ in our phonics workbooks.  I am noticing big improvements in everybody’s printing!  Way to go Division 15 :)!
  • We had our usual playtime.  I decided to do some building with the foam blocks.  I have a love/hate relationship with the foam blocks.  They’ve caused quite a few problems in the class so I thought it would be helpful if I modelled some different ways of using the blocks.  It was fun!
  • We ate our snacks and luckily the rain held off so the students could play outside!
  • After recess we did calendar and practiced “Une colombe”.
  • We worked on our class wreath that we will bring to the assembly on Thursday for Remembrance Day.  We had to trace our hands on green construction paper and then make a poppy by tracing two circles and glueing them together.
  • We played a bit with my magnetic ten frame board.  We represented numbers with magnets and had some rich mathematical conversation.
  • After lunch we had cloud time.
  • I read a story all about different emotions.
  • We re-read How Full is Your Bucket? The message is so important so why not??  We brainstormed ways we could fill our classroom bucket.  I introduced our newest reward system… the glass “bucket” (a baby food jar) and marbles.  I will be putting in marbles when I see someone filling up the classroom ‘bucket’ by doing sparkles and blue behaviours.  When it is full we will have a special reward.  We also brainstormed different rewards we could have.  I haven’t quite decided which one it will be but some of the ideas were: an extra recess, a small prize (toy), an extra playtime, a pyjama party, a movie, or a small treat (a cookie or something).  We’ll have to decide tomorrow.
  • We drew an idea for how to fill the class bucket on a water drop shape and I stapled them up on our big class bucket to help remind us to fill our class bucket, not empty it!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is library day so please remember to bring back those library books!  Also, I’m going to be away tomorrow afternoon but I’ll be back Thursday.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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