Les coquelicots…

I am really happy with how the past few days have gone with regards to our lead up to Remembrance Day.  The students are showing a really good understanding about the symbolism of the poppy along with the dove.  I hope you have taken opportunities to talk with your child about Remembrance Day and I hope on Friday you take some time to remember those who have given their lives so we can live in peace.

Today your child brought home a beautiful wreath of poppies.  I hope you can find a place to hang it up at home.

Tomorrow is our very special assembly for Remembrance Day.  You are welcome to attend.  It will begin after recess at around 10:45 a.m. (by the time classes get to the gym is will be closer to 10:55 a.m.)

I was at school until lunch only today, here’s what we did today:

  • We learned the little chant for the sound ‘e’.  I didn’t have an official one for this sound so I made up my own with the word ‘coquelicot’.
  • We started play time but left to go to the library at 9:30.  Mme Marin had some Remembrance Day vocabulary set up on the Smartboard.  Some students had the chance to move things on the Smartboard.  It was very cool!  I really want to learn how to make simple vocabulary and sound activities for the Smartboard.  I’ll just add that to my very long list of things to do…
  • We returned to class to continue our playtime.
  • We had snack and recess.
  • After recess, we did calendar and then we did something that was pretty silly (but based on current brain research is very effective).  We started practicing the French alphabet.  First we just sang the song twice, but then I had students go in partners and practice high tens and low tens (clapping hands together).  Then, we sang the alphabet song while clapping each others’ hands.  After a couple tries, we got into groups of 4 and did the same thing again.  Some groups were a little more successful at this than others but everyone was 100% engaged and participating in the activity!  We needed a water break after this.  We’ve been practicing asking to get water and go the washroom in French.  “Est-ce que je peux boire de l’eau?” and “Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?” are the two questions we’ve been practicing.
  • We made our lovely poppy wreaths.  I can’t take credit for this awesome craft.  Thanks again Mme K!!

  • It was lunch time and I had to depart.
  • I’m sure the students had a wonderful afternoon with Mme G!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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