100th Post!

When I started blogging back in the summer, I never thought I would reach this milestone, my 100th post!

I’m really happy that I’ve been able to be so consistent with my posts.  It’s become habit now and although it takes time every evening, I hope you are finding it helpful at home.

Here’s a brief re-cap of our day:

  • We learned the new little chant for the sound ‘n’.

  • We practiced printing upper and lower case ‘n’s.
  • We played.
  • After recess we did calendar.
  • We did a journal entry using a picture of either a car or plane.
  • After lunch we had our cloud time.
  • We did a transportation graph with the data we collected yesterday.
  • We had our bonus playtime.  This was a very noisy and energetic playtime.  This was a good reminder why we don’t play in the afternoon!
  • We sang ‘Petit avion’ and I recorded it.  I’ve added it to the French Songs section under ‘Petit avion’.  Have a listen!

Tomorrow is pizza day!  Please remember to send $2 per slice of pizza and 50 cents for a juice box.  Also, please send a re-usable plate to be used at lunch to put the pizza on.  Thanks so much!  I’m looking forward to it, I love pizza!

Tomorrow is also Library!  Please send back any books you may have at home.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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