Today we started learning about the letter ‘d’.  Here’s the phonics card that goes with the sound ‘d’:

This morning, after our usual table ‘work’, we talked about our new sound for the week and we did our D page in our phonics workbooks.  This is the 10th letter/sound we’ve learned so far this year.  There are only 24 left!

After colouring the D page and printing a few lower case ‘d’s, students began their daily play time.  I’ve noticed the listening centre is really popular these days, there always seems to be people listening to French songs.  Also, this group of students love their markers!  Every morning there always seems to be the most students at the colouring table using the markers.

After recess, the students had gym with Mr. Ferguson.  When we returned back to class we did calendar (we’ve been at school 14 days so far in November), then I talked to the students about our two shoeboxes.  I showed them the items I had put in the boxes so far.  It was quite funny explaining the uses of deodorant and shaving cream.  After a few questions, we started learning and practicing the song “Moi, j’aime skier”.  It’s going to need a lot of practice but I think we’ll be ready for performance day!  Tomorrow we’re going to start practicing with our big buddies.

After lunch, we had our ‘quiet’ time followed by a really fun math game.  I have two-sided (red and yellow) round counters which we used to play this simple game.  Everyone got a little container of 3 ‘jetons’ (counters).  You shake them and dump them on the table.  Next you look to see what you shook.  Maybe you got 2 red and 1 yellow.  You find the corresponding column on your recording sheet and write the equation.  It looks like this:

Everyone was very successful at this task.  If was interesting to see the excitement when students shook the elusive 3 red or 3 yellow.  If you want to play this one at home here is the recording sheet.  I can lend you some counters if you would like to practice this game at home.  We will be doing the number 4 later this week.

je lance 3 jetons

After working on this math activity I read the students a few big books and then we sang a few songs including one new one “Comment y aller?” (a transportation song).

That was our day in a nutshell.

Please remember to return the field trip notice by this Friday.  Thank you!

Mme Robinson

P.S. I hope you are planning on attending the Craft Fair this Wednesday evening (6 – 8:30).  There is going to be fun for all ages!


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