Practice Practice Practice…

Tuesdays can seem like a long day since we are in the classroom all day (no gym or library) except for today when we went to Room 6 (kind of like our multipurpose room) to practice our Winter Concert song with our big buddies.  Boy can they sing!!

Practice our song was one of the many things we did today at school.  Here are some of the other things we did today:

  • We began our day with the printing practice page in our phonics books.  We practiced upper and lower case ‘d’s.
  • We had our usual playtime.
  • We ate snack and went outside for recess.
  • We did calendar with the special helper of the day.
  • We started learning the song we are going to sing with Mme Tardif’s class for the concert.  It’s one of my favourite holiday songs called “Petit garçon”.
  • We did an activity with the story we read yesterday about two mice (Mimi et Louis).  Students had to put the right picture with correct sentence from the story.
  • After lunch, we had our ‘quiet’ time and then we did a short math activity where student had to count objects and represent the number numerically and on the ten frame.
  • Finally, we practiced “Moi, j’aime skier” with our big buddies and then we came back to class to finish the day with a class favourite “Frappe les mains”.  We stand in a circle and then a different students gets to be the leader and we follow their actions.  Everyone is very adamant that they get a turn so we do the song a few time.

Just some quick reminders for the rest of this week.  Tomorrow is library day so please remember to return any books that still may be at home.  Also, Thursday is Hot Dog day!  Friday is pyjama day (I’ll be sporting a new pair of pyjamas I bought on the weekend).  Our Christmas shoebox campaign will be going on until December 7 so if you are able to contribute something to our shoeboxes that would be great.

In other news, two very generous moms have volunteered their time to collect, order and distribute Scholastic book orders for the remainder of the school year while teacher job action continues.  I’ve asked the Scholastic people to send me the December flyers however you can take a sneak peek at the flyers online here. We will be able to order from Elf, SeeSaw and Club de Lecture. I don’t think we’ll have things up and running to order in time for Christmas gifts of books.

One last reminder, please try to return all permission forms to me by Friday for our trip to the London Heritage Farm.  Thanks.

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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