Hi all, happy Friday!

Today was a very comfy day!  I thoroughly enjoyed wearing my cozy pyjamas all day today.

Here’s what we did today…

  • We did some of our letters/sounds/numbers on the whiteboards.
  • We played.
  • We had our snacks and recess outside (what a nice day!)
  • We did calendar and practiced some of our songs.
  • We talked about the shoeboxes again and I showed the students our progress!  (Thanks for the awesome and very generous donations!  You don’t have to fill an entire shoebox, you can donate an item or two if you’d like!)
  • We went to the computer lab with our big buddies again to practice logging in and playing KidPix.  We also practiced our songs.
  • We had lunch and played outside.
  • We watched “Rio”.  I gave the option to students if they got bored they could work quietly at a table.  After about 20 minutes a few moved to tables and by the end of the movie only 4 or 5 were left watching.  We all had a fun time!  After the movie we had a special cookie treat.  What a great Friday.

Please look for the weekly newsletter tomorrow in your inbox.  There’s a lot going on!

See you Tuesday (No school Monday, it is a Pro D day).

Mme Robinson


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