It was Tuesday today but did it ever feel like a Monday!

Everyone was very excited to see each other again and it was a high energy day :)!

I want to do a separate post about the workshop I attended yesterday.  It was very informative and will definitely impact the way I teach math everyday in the class.  We learned three critical skills that students need in order to be successful at math.

Today we:

  • Started learning about the sound ‘r’.  This sound is tricky because the sound is made at the back of the throat; it sounds like you’re purring like a cat!
  • We did the ‘r’ page in our phonics books.
  • We played.  A lot of people enjoyed the big block of Christmas scrapbook paper I put out along with my new punches (a large circle, a small circle and a heart punch).  We made lots of neat things!
  • We cleaned up and got ready for snack.
  • We ate and went outside for recess.
  • After recess we did calendar with the special helper.
  • We did an awesome snowman craft with Mme K.  They turned out great!
  • We washed up and ate lunch.
  • After lunch we went straight to Mme Tardif’s class to practice our song and sing some other holiday songs.
  • We came back to the class to do a math activity.
  • You may recall the activity we did last week (shake 3 counters), well today was “Shake 4 counters”.  Together on the carpet we talked about all the different possibilities that could be shaken.  Students worked very well at this task.
  • At 2:00 p.m. we met up with out big buddies to practice our other concert song “Moi j’aime skier”.  We are improving every day!
  • We came up with some actions and will be learning a short dance routine to go along with the song.
  • We were invaded by the snow geese!  We estimated how many we thought were in the field.  My guess was around 400!  Hopefully they don’t stay around for too long!  They make our fields very muddy!!

As I mentioned above, one of the three critical mathematical skills that young students need to master is called “partitioning”.  This means they need to understand that numbers can be broken apart and put back together.  When we shake our counters we are practicing partitioning.  Try this quick and simple activity at home with your child…  All you need are your fingers!!

Ask your child to show you a particular number between 0 and 10 on their fingers.  Then ask them to show you the same number in a different way.  For example, 4 can be shown as four fingers on one hand, 2 fingers on each hand or 3 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on the other hand.  I tried this today with the class and most everyone could show me different ways to represent numbers on their fingers!  We’ll continue to practice this game!

Some quick reminders for this week:

  • Tomorrow is already Library day!! Please return books to the box beside the sign in page tomorrow!  Thanks.
  • The Book Fair starts tomorrow in the Library!  Feel free to visit the book fair after school with your child and see if there are any books or items you wish to purchase.
  • Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow!
  • Our field trip is Thursday!  Looks like great weather, sunny but cool.  Please dress your child warmly that day.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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