Hello Weekend!

From the title of this post you can gather that I’m really glad it’s the weekend.  I must confess that, at time, this job is both physically and mentally exhausting.  If I counted the number of time I hear “Mme Robinson” in a day I’m sure it would be in the hundreds.

Hopefully this weekend, I can re-charge for the final 2 weeks before the holidays.

We had a full and busy day today.  Here’s what we did:

  • Our morning phonics work today was a journal entry with a picture of a reindeer (un renne in French).  Most students managed to write a short sentence to go with the picture.
  • We had playtime.
  • Between recess and lunch we did calendar, we coloured the December page for the portfolios and we made some paper chains after discussing all the possible patterns we could make with red and green.  I was once again very impressed with the complexity of some of the patterns.
  • After lunch we had cloud time.  It has been a while since we’ve had cloud time so the students were happy to get the chance to relax and read today.
  • After we cleaned up, I read the students the 2 books I bought at the book fair.  One book was about an old dog and a fat cat and neither one could run.
  • Our big buddies came to practice our song with us.
  • We learned a new math game called the “Sun and Moon” game (L’astronaute in French).  It is very simple to play and does not require too many things to play with.  All you need is the game board, a small counter (anything can be used for this), and a six-sided die.  Students first decide who will be trying to get to the sun and who will be going to the moon.  Students take turns rolling the die and moving the counter that many spaces towards either the sun or the moon (whichever is their final destination).  When the counter arrives at either the sun or the moon, the game ends and that person is the winner.  Everyone had a blast playing this game.  This is a great way to practice recognizing the patterned dots on the 6-sided die and this game also helps students mater 1-to-1 correspondence as they move the counter along the stars.  Students quickly caught on that they wanted to roll big numbers!  I’m sure your child would love to teach you this game at home!
  • At the very end of the day we practiced “Petit garçon” and then it was time to go home.

Monday is the last day for the Book Fair.  The food drive has begun and our class box is empty!  If you are able, please send a canned food item to school this next week.

See you Monday.

Mme Robinson


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