I’m not sure if that’s how you spell the sound a sneeze makes but I’ve been hearing it a lot around the class lately!

You would be surprised how often I see snot hanging out of kids’ nostrils.  Today I reminded everyone to please cough in their elbows and to use kleenex (we have a wonderful supply!).  I also encourage students to wash their hands if I see them touching their boogers or coughing in their hands.

Today we were back to our regular routines…

Today we:

  • practiced printing our letter ‘o’.
  • played.
  • cleaned up.  (We are not doing so well in the cleaning up department; I actually had to tell students that starting tomorrow if I see people standing around not helping or people who continue to play after I’ve said it’s time to clean up then those people will miss part of their playtime on the following day!  I like to emphasize that part of playing is cleaning up.)
  • ate snack and had recess.
  • did calendar.
  • practiced our songs with Mme Tardif’s class.
  • worked on a Christmas booklet.  Students had to copy sentences and colour the pictures.  I was really impressed with how much the students copied.  I thought they would not get very far but most everyone finished the printing part!
  • ate lunch and had recess before the rain started.
  • had cloud time.  I’ve really been wrestling with the whole cloud time routine.  Sometimes I wonder if I should scrap it altogether so I decided to ask the students what they thought today.  We sat in a circle and I asked each one if they liked cloud time.  Most of them said they enjoyed it.  We’ll keep on doing it for the time being.
  • did a small patterning task and then students chose to play one of the two math games we’ve learned.  They are getting really good at playing these games!
  • practiced “Moi, j’aime skier” with our big buddies.  We really focused on mastering the actions today.  There are a lot of them and the song is pretty fast!  I hope we’re ready by next week!

Tomorrow is PIZZA DAY!!  Don’t forget to send a re-usable plate, $2 per slice of pizza and 50 cents for a juice box.

Tomorrow is also library day!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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