Practice Makes Perfect?

Let’s hope so!  We sure have been practicing a lot lately for the concert.  I hope you can make it to one of the performances, but if you can’t, don’t worry we’ll be singing the same songs for you at the open house the afternoon of the 16th.

Here’s a recap of our day:

  • After morning table work, we had to do a tally for pizza day.  After that, we played a bit with the sounds we’ve worked on so far.  I like using the big foam letters and I joined them on to the sound ‘o’ to make sounds like ‘so’, ‘no’, ‘mo’, ‘ro’ etc.  After each one, someone inevitably yelled out a word in French or English that had that particular sound.
  • We started playtime; we went to the library at 9:30 for our book exchange.
  • We continued playing.
  • We did calendar after recess and then practiced our songs.
  • We read a booklet with the words to “Quand le père Noël vient me visiter”.  Students had to draw the illustrations that corresponded to the different clothes worn by Santa (boots, toque, coat etc.).
  • After a delicious pizza lunch we had our usual cloud time which morphed into a craft time.  I had students working on their styrofoam ornament crafts throughout the day.
  • We worked through a math problem with a snowman who loses his buttons after the sun comes out.  It was fun acting the scene out with the students.  I had them getting imaginary sticks to put on the snowman.  I had them think of all the possible ways the 5 buttons could be on or off the snowman.  For example, 1 button could fall off and 4 could still be on the snowman.  They drew some lovely pictures for me representing their thoughts.  Let’s just say some students saw this as more of an art activity instead of a math one.
  • I taught the students a new math game called “Fabulous 5 Worm” in English.  I didn’t give it a title in French.  The game is played with 2 people.  Each person has a different colour counter.  They each take turns covering circles that together make 5.  This is a great game to practice partitioning skills.  You take turns covering circles on the worm until all of them are covered.  The winner is the person whose counters make the longest ‘train’.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyways we didn’t have time to play today but we will try it out tomorrow.
  • We practiced our concert songs with Mme Tardif’s class.

Our shoeboxes were collected today.  We ended up having 5 full shoeboxes (3 girl ones and two boy ones).  Thank you once again for your overwhelming generosity!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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