One Week Left!

Five school days left before the Winter break and I am so ready for a break!

Today was another funky Friday.  Everyone’s a bit more cranky than usual, including me.  Speaking of funky… I had a pretty funny moment this afternoon.  Smelling stinky student farts is one of the things I dislike most about being a teacher.  They are some of the most disgusting smells that often waft my direction.  Today I decided to address the issue rather directly.  I told everyone that I’d been smelling lots of farts lately and I would like it if they would just excuse themselves to go fart in the bathroom.  Then, the inevitable happened, someone asked “What is a fart?”!  Well, simply put, I explained it as air coming out of your butt.  And, sure enough a few minutes later some politely asked me if they could go to the washroom.  I said yes and then they told me it was because they had to fart.  I hope this helps the smelly situations I’ve been dealing with lately!

Anyways, here’s what we did today:

  • We did a short journal entry with the words from our ‘o’ list.
  • We played.
  • We did calendar after recess.
  • We went to the computer lab (without our big buddies!!).  I was really nervous about this but it turns out all our practicing with our buddies REALLY helped!!!  I managed to stay sane the whole time and there were only a few times I heard “Mme Robinson…” being yelled out from across the room!  I wasn’t planning on staying in the computer lab as long as we did but everyone was having a great time discovering the many things they could do in KidPix.  Before lunch we sang a few songs while watching the YouTube videos that go along with the songs.
  • After lunch, we had cloud time.  I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with cloud time.  I know they need the “down” time but so many of them find it hard to look at books quietly.  I finally decided that I would add drawing quietly to the list of things that can be done during cloud time.  So… now students can choose to either read, rest, or draw at a table.  I’ll try this out and see if it helps cloud time go a bit smoother than it has been going.
  • We went to Room 6 (an empty classroom) at 1:30 to sing with out big buddies.
  • We returned to class to learn yet another math game.  This one is called “Les cadeaux” (Presents).  The goal is to cover different sizes of squares and rectangles with counters.  Whoever covers the area with their counters get a present.  The present is just a counter.  Whoever has the most presents at the end of the game is the winner.  This game is good for subitizing (recognizing the patterned dots on the dice) and also partitioning (separating a number into parts).  I will scan this game board so you can play this one at home.
  • We had an unexpected visit from Santa during our math game.  Santa delivered the students’ blank report cards.  They quickly figured out it was Mr. Ferguson dressed up as Santa.  Please sign and return the envelope to be re-used for terms 2 and 3.

That was our day in a nutshell.  Please look for this week’s newsletter in your inbox this weekend sometime.

Thanks for reading!

Mme Robinson


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