I made it…

Today was a rough day for me… I’m not feeling very well.  I have a terrible cold.  I think I’ll take tomorrow afternoon off and be back on Friday.

Today was a funny day especially with the dress rehearsal and all.

Today we:

  • did morning table work.
  • played with the sounds we’ve learned so far.
  • played.
  • went to the library.
  • played some more.
  • sat through the 2 hour dress rehearsal winter concert!
  • had a late lunch (12:50 to 1:45).
  • did calendar together.
  • had quiet time (read, rested or drew).

That was our day!  Tomorrow we will be painting with acrylic paint!  It is Taco Louis food day!! Tomorrow is also the French sing-along in the afternoon followed by gym.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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