First Day Back…

I wasn’t exactly sure how today would go but it went surprisingly well for a very soggy day with no opportunity to play outside!

To begin the new year I went in to the school yesterday and put out new supplies, changed the table groups, the carpet seating plan and our circle seating plan.

I kept things pretty low-key today.  We started our morning learning about our new sound of the week.  This week is the letter ‘u’.  The students coloured their ‘u’ pages in their phonics workbooks and then they began to play.  The straw connectors were really popular today and I saw some great teamwork in action and students worked together to build towers and castles.

After recess we did our first calendar of the year!  Our calendar shapes are related to Fairy Tales this month (bear, bear, pig, wolf is the repeating pattern this month).  At the end of calendar we practiced our first show and tell.  I hid an object from the class in our special box and we practiced asking questions in French.

As you can see, the secret object was a stuffed monkey!

After calendar we talked a bit about Fairy Tales and then student began colouring their January portfolio pages.  I am really impressed with how well everyone is colouring these days! After lunch we carried on with our regular cloud time.  After reading students a book, we did a few math sheets (the number 3 and printing numbers).  Students who finished early had an extra little playtime.  At the end of the day we sang a song and then it was already time to go.

Overall it was a great day!  Tomorrow is library day so please remember to send all library books to school.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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