Another Typical Thursday

Today was a pretty regular day around the classroom.  Here’s what we worked on today…

  • We started our day with a phonics activity in our phonics books.
  • We played together.
  • We had recess OUTSIDE!! Yeah!
  • We did calendar and practiced show and tell again.  Today I hid a pencil in our special box.  It was a bit tricky so I ended up giving quite a few hints.
  • I read the students another version of The Three Bears.  Halfway through I realized that a few pages were missing so I just had to add in those missing parts.  Afterwards we reviewed grand, moyen, and petit (big, medium and small).  Students then completed an activity relating to the three bears.
  • After lunch we had cloud time.
  • Before going off to gym for day 1 of gymnastics, I read the students three or four books.  Since the evolution of cloud time, most students are choosing to draw so they aren’t getting the opportunity to look at French books the way they used to.

That was our day in a nutshell.  Let’s hope tomorrow is another sunny day!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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