Mmmm Wednesday Pizza…

Yes, it was yummy pizza filled Wednesday in our class.  Here’s what we did today:

  • We began our morning practicing the ‘g’ sound and playing a bit with the sounds we’ve worked on so far this year.
  • Students began playtime.
  • We went to the library where Mme Marin read another version of the three bears.
  • We returned to class to finish playtime.
  • After recess we had to have an unplanned class meeting to address a few issues that were bothering me quite a bit.  With all the mud lately, our carpet is getting really gross especially when the students come in after recess.  We decided as a class that our back door is now a “going outside only” door, and when students return from recess and lunch they will use the front door but they will wipe their shoes off on the carpet in the annex entrance before coming in to the class.  Another issue I’ve been really bothered by is what I explained to the students as “talking back”.  I gave a few examples and modelled appropriate and inappropriate ways to respond to a request.  I hope talking about these issues as a class will help make our class an even better place to learn and play.
  • We finally got to do calendar and our special helper brought a very cute singing bird for show and tell today.
  • After calendar we didn’t have enough time to do what I had originally planned so we sang a few action songs (since we’d been sitting for a long time).  I read the students a few more home reading books and then we got ready for pizza.
  • After lunch we had cloud time.  Our wall clock mysteriously stopped working at 1:14 p.m. so it ran a bit long.
  • We learned a new math game.  It is similar to Connect 4 but using a dice and covering numbers on a grid like board.  It was a hit!
  • After the game, I decided we needed a bit of fresh air.  Our classroom gets quite hot and stuffy in the afternoons (especially on sunny days). We went to the park for a quick playtime.
  • Students received the January Scholastic book order forms.

Please send in your egg carton if you haven’t already done so.

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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