Connect 4 Math Game

This is the latest math game we’ve learned.  It’s a fun one!

Here is the playing board:

Connect 4

You need a die and two different colours of counters to play.  Once you decide who goes first, that person rolls the die and puts a counter on that number on the board.  You take turns doing this until someone has four counters in a row.  They can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.  Have fun!

A variation of this game would be that on a roll you can partition the number into two parts and put down two counters instead of one.  For example, if I roll a 5, I can put a counter on a 4 and a 1.  We haven’t tried this variation in class yet.

Another variation of the game is making a square box of 4 counters instead of a line of 4 counters in order to be the winner.

Mme Robinson


2 responses to “Connect 4 Math Game

  1. Love the game! Thanks for sharing the idea!

    • I’m glad you like! I’m also thinking of making an alternate game board but instead of numerals I would put different dot patterns.

      Mme Robinson

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