It was another cold, snowy, icy day.  We survived getting dressed in our winter gear yet another day.  Thanks again to those helpful hands that appear just at the right times!

Today was our full day in the classroom.  Tuesdays are the only days we don’t leave the class for computers, gym or library.

Here’s what we did today:

  • We began with our printing practice of the letter ‘f’.
  • We played.
  • I read with all the students and was so impressed to see that everyone did their home reading!
  • We had our snacks and then got ready to head out for recess.
  • We did calendar.
  • We read a big book of the three little pigs in French.
  • We learned some new vocabulary from the story.
  • Students had a few minutes of free time before lunch.
  • After lunch we had partner reading.  I am so impressed with the students’ eagerness to figure out what they are reading in French.  I’m also extremely proud to hear students reading in French!
  • We had some cloud time.
  • We worked on a math activity partitioning the number 6.  We talked about all the possible ways you could ‘shake’ 6 coloured counters (3 red and 3 yellow for example).  Students found all the possibilities in no time and then they began their work.
  • After math, we read a few books together and practiced singing ‘O Canada’.  We ended the day with the big ticket draw!  Today I started a new reward incentive system.  Throughout the day I gave out blue ribbon behaviour tickets.  Students wrote their name on the ticket and put it in our draw box (an old kleenex box).  I gave out a lot of tickets today and reminding the students of what blue behaviour looked like during a particular task really improved their efforts to show blue behaviour.  We had two winners today.

If you would like to donate small prizes (pencils, stickers, erasers, etc.) that I can give out when we have our draws that would be much appreciated.

Just some reminders…

  • I’m still missing a few field trip permission forms from a few students.  Please return those to me A.S.A.P. Thanks!
  • Thursday is the last day to order pink day anti-bullying t-shirts.  If you are interested, please send $6 and indicate the size you wish to purchase to school.  Bracelets are also available for $1.50.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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