Snowy Wednesday

We had quite the snowy start to the day today!

Everyone eventually made it to school and we got busy with our work.

Today we:

  • practiced writing some words with the sound ‘f’ in our phonics books.
  • played.
  • went to the library.
  • had snack and recess.
  • played some more (our morning work and then library took up more of our morning than anticipated so we had some extra playtime after recess).
  • did calendar together.
  • read another version of the three pigs.
  • got ready for lunch.
  • read in partners.
  • enjoyed some cloud time.
  • began a 3 pigs project painting a scene with the three houses and adding the pigs (a few people chose to colour the scene instead of paint it).  We will finish this up tomorrow since no one finished.
  • did another draw for prizes.  I drew quite a few names out today.  The disappointment and sad faces of those unlucky ones who haven’t had their name pulled yet is heartbreaking.  Life can be so unfair sometimes.

Tomorrow is the last day to order pink t-shirts or bracelets for pink t-shirt day this February.

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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