So Long Snow!

I’m really hoping this was our last snow day!  Hopefully it will be all washed away by Monday.

Here’s some of what we did today:

  • This morning, students completed their ‘journal’ page in their phonics books.  They came up with sentences using a word with the sound ‘f’ in it.
  • Students played quite nicely today.
  • Students had their snacks and played outside despite the light drizzle.
  • We did calendar and guessed the show and tell object.  It was a pretty cool remote control car.  Everyone had a turn operating it.
  • After calendar, I was planning on taking students to the computer lab but I totally forgot and instead we did a partner activity with cut up words from the three pigs.  Partners made sentences with the cut up words and glued them on a paper.
  • It was then time for lunch.
  • After lunch we had some partner reading time followed by some ‘quiet’ cloud time.
  • We talked a bit about Chinese New Year and I showed the students a few books on the subject.  Then, they worked on a dragon craft which only a few of them finished.  We’ll work on them again next week.

Monday is a Pro-D day in the afternoon only.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. on Monday!

Please look for this week’s newsletter in your inbox sometime this weekend.


Mme Robinson


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