So Proud…

It’s days like today when all the hard work of being a teacher is worth it.  I was, and still am, extremely proud of everyone’s awesome writing today!  The writing activity students did today (Fais les phrases! – Make sentences!) is usually something I do a lot with grade 1 students.  I decided to try it today but I made a much simpler version of my traditional grade 1 version.  I told them I wanted them to write 6 sentences using the 3 starters (Voici, Je vois, and C’est) and the 3 end words (un cochon, un loup, and une maison).  I was so amazed with the results!  Also, during the activity, almost everyone worked independently and without too much additional support from me.  We will definitely be doing more of these in the future :).

Another fun part of the day was in the afternoon.  I read the students a very interesting book:

I know it’s in English, but I couldn’t resist using it as a way of introducing tangrams.  After I read the story, students explored and played with a set of tangrams.  I loved seeing their creativity come out in the things they made with the “seven magic shapes”.

Tomorrow is library day!  Please send back any library books that may still be at home.  Also, this Thursday is sushi day.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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