Three Pigs Continued…

Today we continued with our Three Pigs mini-unit.  During library Mme Marin’s TOC read the students a twisted version of the three pigs.  In the story there were three little wolves and one big bad pig.

We practiced printing some upper and lower case ‘b’s.  We played in the classroom during which I read with everyone.  After recess we did calendar followed by another writing activity.  Today, students wrote in their journals using a ‘dictionary’ page with all sorts of words from the story of the three pigs.

I only gave students 20 minutes to work on their writing.  They came up with some great ideas!  Today was the second day I had to squeeze in a little mini-lesson after their writing.  Yesterday I noticed some students weren’t leaving enough space between words so we talked about that.  Today, quite a few students started writing at the bottom of the page and then ran out of room and then wrote above the first line.  After our writing today I explained how we read from top to bottom so we need to write top to bottom as well.  Once again I was super impressed with their efforts today!

After lunch, we had partner reading followed by some quiet cloud time.  We learned a new math game with patterned dots.  This game is very similar to connect four except you only need to connect three to win and instead of numerals to cover with counters you cover patterned dots.

At the end of the day we practiced ‘O Canada’ and then it was time to go home.

Tomorrow is sushi day!  Also, next week our library day will be on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  I’ve switched days since we are on a field trip on Wednesday.

I will remind you again next week!

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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