Kite Flying!

Weather conditions were perfect today for flying Chinese New Year inspired kites with our big buddies.  It was sunny, and windy!

First thing this morning we brainstormed a list of words that contained the sound ‘b’.  Compared to previous lists from earlier this year, there were way more words this time and everyone shared words in French.

Next, it was playtime.  Having only sixteen students this year has made my daily job reading with everyone quite manageable.  Students were much better today keeping the volume down during playtime.  This is probably because I told them that if they use a loud voice in the class I have them sit out for a few minutes.

After recess, and after a few students had to change pairs of pants and socks, we headed over to our big buddies’ class to make kites.  Everyone worked very well and for the last few minutes before lunch we all headed outside to test them out.

After lunch we had partner reading, followed by cloud time and then we finally got around to doing calendar.  It was then time for gym with Mr. Unger.  Gymnastics is over for now (except for our upcoming field trip next Wednesday).

With the half day Monday, this week has gone by fairly quickly.  Another Friday is  here and we will finish up our look at the three pigs.

A lot of students have been using their spare socks, pants etc. this past week so if you could make sure your child has their full set of spare clothing at school that would be greatly appreciated!  There are also a few pairs of wet/dirty socks in our cloakroom that need to be claimed.

Thanks for your continued support!

Mme Robinson



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