A Quiet Day

A class size of 8 today equals a much quieter day.  I had a feeling something was wrong today when my two usual early birds didn’t show.  By 8:52 I still only had 3 kids in the class!  We spent a much more relaxed day together but still got some work done.

Today we began our day with completing a page in our phonics book with words containing the letter ‘b’.  Then we had a very calm playtime followed by snacks and then recess.  I let the students sit wherever they wanted to today because there were only 3 boys and 5 girls.  After recess when did calendar and then we spent 20 minutes or so in the computer lab.  Before lunch we spent some time writing in our journals.  After lunch we had an extended partner reading time followed by an extended cloud time.  Our last activity was making a picture using tangrams.  They turned out great!  Here’s our Boyd volunteer student’s example:

What a cute cat!

I gather we’ve had quite an outbreak of the flu in our class.  Let’s hope everyone makes a speedy recovery in time for our field trip to the Delta Gymnastics Society training facility this coming Wednesday.

Next week is the Twoonie Talent Show at Dixon.  Everyday at lunch students are invited to watch other students perform their various talents in the gym.  Admission is $2 a day.

Next week we will have library on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

Have a restful weekend everyone!

Mme Robinson


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