What a great way to start off our February!  We had a wonderful time monkeying around on our field trip today.  The facility was excellent, the instructors were great and everyone had an awesome time!

When we returned from our field trip we had a shortened playtime before lunch. After watching two of our own students perform in the talent show, we did some partner reading followed by some cloud time.  Then, we did calendar.  We ended the day reading a pretty lengthy version of Little Red Riding Hood.  I had to warn the students that this version was pretty gruesome at the end.  The hunter cuts open the wolf with scissors and Little Red and Grandma hop out.  Then, they put rocks in the wolf’s tummy so when he wakes up and runs away he falls over and dies.

We watched our class video a few more times and then we sang ‘O Canada’ to practice.  Then it was time to go home!

After school I went to the office and noticed two boxes had been delivered for me from Scholastic.  I was so excited because I recently placed an order using my bonus coupons (money I earn because you place book orders).  Here are some of the things I got for the classroom (for free)!

A new weather graph!! My old one had been around a long time.

Two new sets of headphones.

New smelly markers (since my other ones are pretty much all wrecked).  We are going to have to have a mini lesson on how to use smelly markers respectfully and responsibly!

Two new packs of dry erase markers!! Everyone is going to love these :).

Tomorrow is popcorn day at recess and we have gym in the afternoon.  I believe I am still waiting for a few blue forms to be returned to me.  These forms were handed out last week and they ask whether or not your child will be returning to Dixon next year.  These forms are very important to return so classes for next year can be accurately planned for.  If you lost the form, I have a few extras.

Mme Robinson


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