Theatre Sports!

Today was a bit of a mixed up day for us due to the fact that there was a special presentation in the morning by the Vancouver Theatre Sports company.  It was a pretty funny presentation!

We started our day reviewing the sound ‘é’ and then practicing some printing.  We headed to the gym for the 9:30 a.m. presentation and then when we returned to class it was time for snack and recess.  After recess we did calendar and then had playtime.  After lunch we did some partner reading followed by some cloud time and then we did a short math activity.  Students had to roll a die and then show the same, more than and less than the number on the die.  A few students didn’t quite grasp the concept and kept on rolling the dice.  After this math activity, student decorated a small envelope which will be their wallets for the next little while.  I will be giving out paper pennies when I hear students speaking French in the classroom.  The money can later be used to purchase small rewards from our “class store”.  Just this afternoon I heard so much French!! It was amazing.  I’ve done this type of incentive for speaking French in the past and I’ve found it provides just enough motivation to get students talking in French.

I’ve also been giving out quite a few paws over the past few days.  I see a lot of responsible and respectful behaviour in our class everyday!

Tomorrow is Library day and PIZZA DAY!!  There is a banana bread sale this Friday (1$ a slice).  Friday is also twin or triplet day.  Students (and teachers) can dress up like a friend.  The class with the most participants will win a prize.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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