I knew it was a full moon…

After school today I felt like I’d been run over by a truck and then I thought maybe it was a full moon…  Well, it turns out the full moon was very late last night and you may not think it has any effect on the kids but I’m convinced it does.

It was just one of those days—non-stop on the go all day.  We started the morning by doing a page in our phonics books.  We started playtime but then went to the library for our regular book exchange.  Mme Marin read us a very cute story about a cat that is in love with this other cat.  After library, we returned to class to finish playing.  By this time is was pouring outside so it was an inside day at recess.

After recess we did calendar followed by two show and tell objects.  Then, we talked a bit more about our new penny reward system for speaking French.  I told students that once they get 5 or 10 pennies they can exchange them for a nickel or dime.  I heard lots of French today and gave out tons of pennies.

Afterwards we did an activity as a group with some picture cards I have showing either respectful or responsible behaviours.  We sorted them depending on whether they were responsible or respectful behaviours.  Some cards were deemed both respectful and responsible so we put them in the middle of our chart.  I forgot to take a picture of this, oops.

After lunch we did some partner reading followed by some cloud time.  If your child comes home with marker on his/her face it’s because they REALLY enjoy using the smelly markers which have a tendency to get all over little fingers and then onto faces.  After cloud time I read the students an English book titled No More Hitting For Little Hamster.  I think we all learned something from this book.  We talked about how little Hamster was asking his friends to play.  We thought of nicer/better ways of asking someone to play.

Our final activity was sentence making with our words from the Little Red Riding Hood.  Students cut up their words from a previous activity and made simple sentences with a few of them.  This was a partner activity.

If you are interested in ordering Scholastic books this month, please return all orders to me by tomorrow.  Also, Friday is a banana bread sale (1$ a slice) and TWIN day.

I hope tomorrow is a calmer day.

Mme Robinson


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