Banana Bread, Twins, and Jewels

The title of this post has a few key words from the day.  Today was Twin day.  We had a few sets of twins and a set of triplets in class today.  The banana bread sales were a big success today and the student council raised $350!  The jewels (fake of course) were a big hit today when it came to decorating our Valentine’s day bags.

Here’s some more of what we did today…

  • This morning students wrote sentences in their phonics books.  They are getting better and better at this every time!
  • We had playtime.  I read with everyone during this time.  You can keep the little reader (Des coeurs partout) at home.
  • After recess we did calendar followed by show and tell.  We learned a new little song for Valentine’s day as well.
  • We went to the computer lab.
  • After lunch we had our big buddies visit to make/decorate Valentine’s Day bags with us.  They all turned out great!
  • We finished the day with our partner reading and some cloud time.

I’ve been hearing A LOT of French the past few days and I am really impressed!  I’ve given out tons of pennies (paper ones) and I will set up the class store next week.  I went to Staples and the Dollar Max on #3 Road tonight and got a lot of great merchandise for our class store.

The first Dixon Dragon Paws draw was held today and unfortunately nobody from Division 15 was a winner this week.  I’ve been given out paws everyday so eventually someone will win!

I will send out the class newsletter hopefully tomorrow sometime.  Enjoy your weekend!

Mme Robinson


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